Think Green, Think Ethos. Our Commitment

The future depends on the sustainable work that we all do today.

As a responsible group of companies, Ethos has been analysing our businesses’ impact on the environment during our daily operations and as we source and sell products and services. At the start of 2023, we will share our plan for carbon reductions to 2030. Of course, that plan will continue to evolve and will be supported by a robust communication platform at all levels of our business and to all of our stakeholders.

Our promise as a responsible group of companies and employers is to commit to and work towards our sustainability agenda becoming fully embedded in how we do business – an organisation with a continued responsible, sustainable culture, embracer of change and collaborator of ideas.

Our Partners.​

Our Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, goes beyond our core business. We always seek to work with business partners and providers with the highest commitment to sustainable business practices.

Our Footprint.​

Wherever possible, we minimise our environmental footprint, reducing waste by focusing on used packaging management, recycling and energy efficiency.

Our Employees.​

At the heart of our Environmental and CSR policy are our team. We educate and train our 200-plus employees to ensure they are up to speed on the latest regulations and that sustainability and social responsibility remain central to everything they do.

Our Business.​

We review and audit our activities regularly to measure our performance and, by setting company-wide objectives at the board level, ensure compliance across our whole business.

Our Customers.​

All our services and solutions are designed with the highest commitment to the environment in mind. Additionally, our solutions’ entire audit trail helps inform and support our customers’ sustainable practices.