Global Presence

Our Global presence​

Regarding your broader communications infrastructure, we design, implement, support, and manage your business-wide Managed Print & IT Services.

Our Managed Print & IT Services solutions are designed to maximise your efficiency, reduce costs and minimise risk, so you can keep up with your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

We’re able to meet your UK and International requirements. We deliver a superior service where Service Level Agreements (SLAs), administration and technical complexity are simplified.

Part of your extended team​

Managing a complex mix of external providers can significantly burden any IT team – particularly those in global organisations. Managing the transition between providers and coordinating upgrades, services, and support requires specialist knowledge and is highly time-intensive.

We work as part of your extended team, complementing your IT team’s skill set and domain knowledge. Working with your IT team, we give your business access to our technical expertise, the network of providers and the complete Ethos service wrap.

"Whole Company" Approach​

Resolving inefficient communications between offices is an easy way to increase your organisation’s productivity and lower costs dramatically. We understand how to enable all of your offices to communicate better, simply and cost-effectively through collaborative working tools.

Our “whole company” approach examines how integrating new technologies can deliver better communication between your entire workforce, regardless of location.

Dedicated Account Manager​

Dealing with many manufacturers and providers often means being passed from person to person when solving simple issues such as ordering parts.

We provide our customers with a dedicated Account Manager who continually monitors and optimises your solution, ensuring that you only have the services you require and that costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

24 x 7 Support

We provide global support for your communications infrastructure, accommodating local time zones and considering language.

Thanks to our dedicated service team, we can remotely support your business, wherever you are, 24/7, whenever issues arise, ensuring it is always business as usual.