Business Process Automation

Increase productivity by automating manual workflows. Make faster decisions by integrating data from legacy systems. Ethos Hub Bespoke can help - we develop custom solutions to run your business on

Streamline workflows, increase efficiencies​​

When manual processes slow teams down, it’s time to optimise and automate workflows to get time back. If backend systems are not talking to each other, you need a tech partner to bring data together to accelerate your digital journey.

We are experts in automation and integration, providing time-saving solutions customised to your workflows. 

Ethos Hub Bespoke solutions streamline processes in any business function, from finance and IT to sales, marketing and operations.

Innovate for customer satisfaction

In competitive markets, innovation and frictionless customer experiences shine through.

Automating and streamlining processes internally means offering end users a better service and a competitive edge.

Whether to streamline client onboarding, automate internal approvals or integrate systems to simplify a process, we develop solutions to match your business goals.

Our team builds bespoke workflows to retrieve and collect unstructured data from online forms, emails, PDFs and paper sales invoices, sending them into your enterprise IT systems for faster processing.

Make decisions on real-time data

When systems play nicely together, you gain powerful data insights on which to run your business and daily operations.

Sometimes a standalone technology will stop talking to your technology stack. At Ethos, we develop custom connectors to ensure data keeps moving to where it’s needed.

What to expect

There are 5 stages to an Ethos Hub Bespoke automation project:

1. Discovery

You tell us your workflow pain points and digital transformation goals

2. Proof of Concept

We design a custom solution using AI and machine learning technology

3. Testing

Our teams jointly test the workflow to ensure a smooth launch

4. Go Live

We ensure your team are ready for go live and beyond

5. Monitor

You monitor usage on the Ethos Hub dashboard

Start with automated invoice processing

Get a taste for automation benefits by streamlining a labour-intensive workflow that demands accuracy and efficiency. This is how it works:

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