Save time converting files into useable formats with Ethos Hub, a single, secure platform

Get time back for busy teams

Turn handwritten notes into digital text in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Run a transcription workflow in the background while answering emails.

Ethos Hub is a set of document productivity tools that allows an unlimited number of colleagues to convert, edit, redact, translate, and transcribe files – all in the same platform and with less manual input.

Work securely with centralised conversion

Enjoy the time-saving and productivity benefits of automated document conversion with the certainty that files and data are secure while processing.

Ethos Hub runs on best-of-breed encryption standards to give end-to-end security.

Use for office and remote working

Convert a document on any Ethos Hub-enabled device at any time, in the office, at home or on the move.

The single, secure platform is available on most Multi-Function Devices and your PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Meet the document workflows


PDF and popular Microsoft formats for easier editing and shareability.


documents in 40+ languages in
the same layout and file format.

Text to Speech

creates audio files from written
reports, proposals and emails.

Handwriting to Text

turns notes from a PDF, PNG
or JPEG into a digital file.


personal, identifiable information with pre-set words or phrases.


audio files from meetings into editable text, ready in minutes.

Convert Audio

changes to format of audio files for compatibility.

Customer story
“Ethos Hub saves me time and allows us to offer a better service – that’s why we’re letting other organisations know there’s an easier way to convert documents”
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