MANAGED Document Service & Supplies

Ethos Managed Document Services will optimise and streamline the performance of your business, with the added benefit of raising technology and staff productivity.

Our unique pro-active monitoring and in-house service department, with desktop support and field engineers, will maximise your fleet’s uptime.

Our Service

Ethos Managed Document Services allows organisations to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by looking at the current environment and rationalising.

We don’t look to replace your entire fleet; we utilise existing devices and monitor usage trends continually to optimise your current infrastructure, ensuring your business needs are still being achieved.

Our Service gives you peace of mind to focus on what is essential, what is being produced, how and why.

Everything else, we manage. From toner replenishment, servicing, automated meter readings, consolidated billing, comprehensive management reports and a recycling program to ensure your carbon footprint is considered.

The benefits

Manages transition to a consolidated, integrated print infrastructure, reducing waste and energy consumption.

Eliminates security issues and concerns by using enhanced “print security”.

Your total print costs give you the ability to monitor and control.

Multiple suppliers providing numerous invoices are replaced by one simple, consolidated bill.

Faults are diagnosed and, wherever possible, fixed remotely before they impact your business.

Frees up internal resources through centralised management of your print fleet.

Active alerts automatically sent to our dedicated teams allow us to manage your devices proactively.

Active alerts automatically sent to our dedicated teams allow us to manage your devices proactively.

Our Process

Assess & Design

Start by adding, tracking, measuring and analysing your use of paper.

'Optimise' might mean digitising, or it might mean first re-engineering paper-based processes. But, it should follow an assessment based on its insights to ensure results​​​.

Secure & Integrate

Remember the bigger picture. Cost, security and agility are the key drivers of digitisation.

You won't get the results you want if you don't build in security and make sure that technology, process and people can play together happily​.

Automate & Simplify

If you're like most of our respondents, you'll be eyeing up candidates for workflow automation.

As you should - it's where so much of the benefit will come from. All we're saying is: remember that stage 1 comes before stage 2 or 3.

In Depth

Our print management solutions are designed specifically around what you, as our customer, require. We help you to take control of your print estate regardless of size.

The result is to ensure you can track, record, and manage costs and volume of all document types, print, scan, copy and email.

A print control solution will allow Ethos to understand and analyse your current print volumes and, working with key personnel, the costs associated.

Using this data, we can advise which devices are being under-utilised, in which areas, and if they are unsuitable for the environment. This allows us to work with you to build a better infrastructure designed to compliment whilst having the flexibility for growth.

The benefits

Control waste

Flexible solutions

Print policies

Transparent costs

Secure documents

Compliance & reporting

What we offer

Secure Print

Our Secure Release/Follow-Me Solution for a financial services organisation only releases print jobs once an individual key card or passcode is presented, allowing you to:

Monitor and control which employees can use different functions on the Multifunctional Device (MFD).

View a full audit trail of activity.

Remove the risk of printed matter falling into the wrong hands.

Reduce your print wastage by 18%.

Mobile Print

Our Mobile Print solution is capable of working in any environment regardless of manufacturer or mobile platform from iOS to Android:

Users can print directly from their mobiles without the need to touch the printing device they are using.

Users with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Smartphones, Tablets, and Chromebooks can print without printer drivers or corporate permissions.

Often used to provide ad-hoc facilities for users without authenticated technology.

They are often used in hotels, education facilities such as University campuses, and organisations with a firm BYOD policy.

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